Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yo Summer!! are taking waaay too long to get here so we have chosen to venture outside without you! This week slip n slide, next week it's the pool and maybe even the beach! But don't take it too seriously though, Spring is treating us well but we still think you are way cooler... I mean hotter?
Oh and please excuse the wardrobe malfunction!

Bring it on!

Trying it out for the first time... eh not too successful yet...

This is how its done girl!!!!

This is much more fun!
Heeere I come!

Annie is trying to figure out how to get in on all the fun

Got some shots of the dogs too... and yes I know we need to mow our lawn! I swear it got mowed last weekend but with this heat its on crack!
Momma Bella

Curious Annie
Watchful Midge.
We've silenced the t indefinetly... no longer a midget is she now! lol


Calling it quits

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