Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby appt. # Dos!

I went in for my second doctors appointment yesterday. I can say the whole time I've ever been pregnant (even with Melia) I am completely freaked out and worrysome about bringing a new baby into the world... until I hear those first loud beats of the babies heart for the first time. After that I feel this calm feeling wash over me, and a good dose of reality too, that there is an actual living being that my body is caring for and that even though 180 days sounds like forever, that this little person will be here before I know it! I had some wishful thinking last week as it seemed my morning sickness was going away... but its come back full force! Atleast its just in the mornings usually though,not all day like before!

I am so excited that in a month (April 27th) we'll have our first ultrasound to find out if it's a boy or a girl... sweet holy moly I cannot wait for that day! People have asked me if we've thought of any names yet and honestly the answer is simply no. Haha I just have stuck that thought in the back of my mind until we find out the sex of the baby, I might as well make it a little easier on myself to just focus on boy names or girl names instead of both. I have no idea what this child's name could be! I'm finding myself having the hardest time with the whole name business with this kid... My kid is going to be the one at the hospital for 3 days and still doesnt have a name lol!
Anyways, this weekend we are road tripping it to Utah for Easter with my grandparents and also to attend Conference! This is our second time going and I am really excited... I do hope they let me sneak my snacks in the conf. center hehe!

On another vacation note... we are going here the first week of June

Hmmm Caribbean anyone?
Cayman Islands here we come!!!


  1. I am glad tat you heard the heartbeat. There is no better sound than that. Your vacation sounds perfect can I come?

  2. WHAT? The Caribbean??? You brat! :D That is exciting. Is it kinda a baby moon thing?

  3. Oh, I am the same way. I just want to hear that heartbeat. Umm, how come you are always going on cool vacations? Love it.

  4. You're child won't be the only one in the hospital without a name!!! Both of my kids crib cards just said baby rogers because we hadn't decided on names before they were born!!! Though, they both had names before the day was over, they weren't waiting for 3 days! :P We decided on Braden about a half hour after he was born in the delivery room and we decided on Madison quite a few hours after she was born in post pardum.
    I totally know what it's like to have the name business in the back of your mind! Especially before you know the gender! This time around I already found out we're having a girl and it's not any easier for me to focus on determining a name! I'm afraid that this time my baby is going to nameless for 3 days insead of just an hour or few!!!

    I just wanted you to know you're not alone! :P

    -Tannis (Krogue) Rogers

  5. What if they say the baby is a boy but turns out to be a girl? Hehee

  6. Allison, time does fly. I am so happy for you. Have you considered not finding out the gender? :) I am smiling thinking about your face right now:"NO WAY Giulia, are you kidding me???" It was fun for us...I gotta tell you my last birth story someday...I basically delivered Samuel and told everyone his gender :) pricelss.
    Love you girl! Good luck with everything!

  7. Girl I'm totally with you on that one! I am totally freaked out up until the very moment I hear that first heart beat!
    Ooo how fun! I can't wait til you find out what you're having!
    And dang I am so jealous about the cruise! Take us with you! PLEASE!