Monday, October 19, 2009

Needs Glasses!!!

Align CenterThat's right...

Align Centerthis cute little girl is far-sighted! I wouldn't have known it but for the last year or so her right eye slightly crosses when she is looking directly at things right in front of her face...poor little thing! So the glasses will hopefully correct it. The ophthalmologist said most kids that have that grow out of it by their early teens. So this is her waiting patiently in the waiting room, texting all her friends in China. She had to get her eyes dilated again, 2nd time this year! That is no pleasant experience... do you think little kids like a zillion drops in their eyes?! Oh no, no they don't. So thankfully Bryce's work has open enrollment this month so we can hop her on our vision plan!

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  1. poor thing! I bet she is going to look all sorts of cute in glasses!