Monday, October 19, 2009

I've reached a quarter of a century!!

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My birthday was FANTASTIC! We celebrated all the way from Thursday to Saturday. We ate at Mimi's with my dad and little bro, went to the Cheesecake Factory where I ate a zillion million calories of cheese-cakey goodness and it was so worth it :) And on Saturday we had dinner at the comedy club in Irvine where we saw a FUNNY laugh out loud comedian. Holy heck I've never laughed so hard in my entire life! Of course my batteries died in my camera at the Cheesecake Factory and then I left it in the car when we were in Irvine uggggh! Thanks Shirie for taking pics!

Align CenterMy Birthday velvet and white chocolate OH MY!

All the girl's

Thanks lover for a great birthday!

The funny man of the night, Chris Hardwick (did Singled out on MTV in the 90's and does Attack of the Show on G4... oh yeah and Otis the cow's voice on Back to the Barnyard)

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This last pic is for you Grandma B.! It still makes me laugh... I wanted to see if you could catch it!


  1. Happy birthday!!!! a couple of days late...Looks like you had a blast! I am glad! 25 is a great's when I had my first baby :) (I'm getting old...) love you Allison!!!

  2. so that's where u were this past weekend. Well, a big Happy Birthday to you! Looks like u had a fun weekend. Chris H is pretty funny!

  3. He's the voice of Otis?! That's so awesome to put a face with the voice, we love that show! I'm pretty sure it's Sheldon's favorite kids cartoon!