Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Weekend

We went up to Oak Glen with our GREAT friends Miranda and Steve and their so-cute-you-wanna-scqueeze-his-cheeks baby Tanner. I had never gone on a weekend before and yikes was that place crowded! It was really fun, Melia got to ride a pony for the first time, which surprised because the weekend before she refused to do it at the pumpkin patch! Anyways it was so cute and she really had a good time.
The perfect ending to any day at Oak Glen is OF COURSE finish off with crumb apple pie...a la mode...oh come on, like there's any other way! :) But we also didn't want to wait 2 hours to get one so we went to less crowded Rileys Ranch and had dessert colonial style at thier resturaunt. This is where I had my first sassparilla...I know I probably butchard that spelling but think of the best rootbeer ever made and then a little better.
We then wanted the apple cider donuts (haha I know the feeding frenzy is NEVER over!) from Snowline but they ran out... sooo we went and got them two days later hahaha. SO good!


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  1. OK I lived so close to Oak Glen all my life and went there maybe a handful of times! And reading all about it makes me wish I went more! Ok it's time to make a trip to Cali and play!

    Was it cold? You look freezing in the last pic! haha!