Thursday, April 2, 2009

Melia's New Diggs

Today I took Melia to Target to get her a bunch of big girl undies or as she likes to call "Wee-ya's panties". She couldn't decide Elmo or Disney Princesses and wanted both so I slyly had to sneak one out of the basket...Sorry Elmo, maybe next time! But Holy Geez! Since when has little tiny undywears become so expensive!? OK I guess they're not that much but I am taking in consideration that by the end of the week they are going to end up lost in the great big black hole that lurks around the house and takes away everything that I need and can't the un-matched socks and all the bobby pins that mysteriously went missing.
That adds up!

She loves her new panties!

Modeling the new under-roo's

Crazy little sneak...she pulled the water bottles across the whole house to reach the Easter treats.
Not on my watch!

So anyways - Melia is so used to getting praise when she pottys because now if I am using the bathroom and she is around (going pee in peace...what the crap is that?!) she yells "Yay Mommy pee peed! Good Job Mommy! Wash Hands Mommy! Mommy get treat!" It's great. If I weren't on the toilet myself I would record it...mmm yeah that just sounds a little weird.

Any who I am so fantastically proud of her...and completely relieved to not have to change those dad gum stank-raunchy diapers anymore :)


  1. she is SO CUTE! I wish we lived closer, i bet ryanne and melia would be great friends! Don't you just love being praised for going potty? We go thru the whole family ans say that they all use the potty and ryanne gets excited about them using the potty too! when you guys gonna pop out another one? and what about ben and wendy popping out some?

  2. Yeah, I have the same black hole that sucks all of the socks and underwear somewhere.
    Lucy does the same thing to me on the toilet, she says, "Mommy! you go Pee pee? good job!"
    Don't you just love those little critters??

  3. Your daughter is SO cute. Its Natalee by the way, from facebook (previously Lamadrid). Good job with the potty training. I know that can be tricky

  4. So impressed you are potty training!! Go you!! And she does look pretty darn cute in those things. She is such a ham for the camera. Love it!