Saturday, April 4, 2009

oH cRUD...SOS!!!

So if you haven't noticed I am always changing up my backgrounds. I thought I'd get all fancy shmancy and completely change my HTML codes for this really cute layout ...and in doing so I erased all of my widgets...dangit! Supposedly it's really easy to get them back since I copied them to my computer (so the website claims!) but for the life of me I can't seem to make them reappear! UGH!
Now if you could be so kind... can you PUHLEEEZE leave a comment so I can collect my list of fellow bloggers again! Thanks guys!

I was able to get most of you guys back on board...but I know there are some straglers out there.
If you dont see your name on my list please send it my way :)

What I'm truly sad about losing is the list of really super cool blogs that I followed...what are some of your favorite blogs? (Cooking, decorating, crafty, frugal) please share!!


  1. i love the new back ground! way cute! wheredya get it?

  2. sorry, i was signed in as my husband on that last comment, don't mean to freak you out thinking some crazy guy is stalking ya! but seriously, love the new layout!

  3. Oh man....that sucks!!!! At least you did not loose all of your blogs! Now that would be terrible!

  4. Your last blog entry bout Melia was so freakin funny. I just love those pics. of her posing. She is a funny little girl! congrats. on the potty looks pretty official

  5. btw..have you looked on that's full of coupons..