Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Knott's Freezing Farm

On Tuesday we decided to go to Knott's even though it poured the day before and it was about 50 degrees outside. You might think we were crazy but it turned into a pretty sweet deal. We didn't have to wait in one line the whole day. We had a blast going with Bryce's cousin Shane and his fiancee Hillary they are two kooky little lovebirds who were fun to hang with.

My poor old decrepit husband's stomach can only take so much twisting and turning before he had to call it quits...which was after like 2 rides. Haha OK he did a little better then that but I swear I am going to need a new roller coaster buddy soon to fill the position. Poor guy!

After we met up with Bryce's sisters who had watched Melia and had dinner at a very cute Italian place in Fullerton called Angelo & Vinci's. We have made it a sort of tradition to eat there when we are out that way. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is fabulous. I love to get out with friends whenever I can =)

We have really lucked out on the weather this week too. Sunday stayed clear for the party and then yesterday stayed clear for us too! But what is up with all of this rain!! I attempted to go to Walmart in Beaumont today and I turned around after Oak Valley Pkwy when it was 31 degrees outside and I was wiping ice off my car! Didn't somebody clue the weather in that this is Southern California?? This nonsense needs to stop so I can get my shopping done!!!

The four crazy's

Shane and Hillary just got engaged... aren't they so cute!!

Me and my love...I was trying not to get the camera wet, we were on the log 50 degree weather

Rollercoaster fun...I heart the Boomerang!

Eating yummy pizza and tortillinis!


  1. I'm mad that you didn't have to wait in lines!! We got to ride like 4 rides, kid ones, when we went.

    BTW I love this weather!!

  2. So fun!! I am glad you got to go and that the weather cooperated. Too bad the lines were SOO long when we went no one got to ride any rollercoasters. Sounded like a great day!