Monday, December 15, 2008

The Very Merry Birthday Par-tay!

So all the hard work paid off! We had a really fun time this year at Melia's party. We had oodles of people squished into our little home (but plenty of warm bodies!!) We are very blessed to have so much family so close to us. We ditched the rain (thank goodness!) but man was it C-C-Cold!!

Melia woke up about an hour into her party - which was OK because I was running around like a crazy woman trying to get things prepared and cooked and decorated...etc. Her eyes just lit up when we walked into the room when she saw all of her favorite people...well most of her favorite people anyways (we were missing a few if you can believe that! You think I had enough people in my house??) Imagine this craziness around the whole house!!

So I'm thinking I am going to make a tradition of making tamales every Christmas. This is the second year I have done it and everyone has told me that they are expecting them next year! Haha who ever thought this white girl could be such a mean tamale maker! Anyone who wants to make them with me let me know!! It's really easier than you think it is. A big thanks to those who helped out with the food, you are lifesavers!

I ended up opening most of Melia's gifts myself. She opened the first couple and then figured she would rather play with those instead of opening the rest!

We also had a pinata this year again. Melia had a blast hitting and kicking it around

We had a mini bouncer in the garage for the couple of kids that were there (Thank you Shanell!!)
Melia had so much fun jumping with her cousins and friends

So this is my daughter eating her cake like some sissy la la girl with a fork and a napkin! She hates getting her hands dirty - she wouldn't eat her cake until I gave her a fork.
Also I promise you I did do my daughter's hair SO cute for today - but obviously it didn't stay that long so she sported a fro most of the night. =)

Ok and I meant to turn this picture around...oh well!!

Happy Birthday Melia! Hope you had so much fun! We love you!

Until the second she went to bed and the second she woke up she has been riding this inch worm around...
and making cookies in her new kitchen! So cute right!

Can't wait until next year!!


  1. Your blog loads really slow for me and maybe other readers. I can't see anything! You should check it with a speed test and make sure it's okay. I'm 7mb down / 499k up.

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  2. So cute! Happy late Birthday Melia!
    As to your comment about loose teeth...yes your weird! hehee
    Not really though. The part I left out was how quickly I left that side of the house so I didn't hear it. That is why I sent her to the bathroom and had Dad go take care of it. It just makes me shiver to think about it.

  3. Holy People Batman!! We know how it is to be blessed with so much family and blessed to be so close when it came to party's. It looks like she had a great birthday.

  4. looks like a fantastic birthday! & homemade tamales? yummy!

  5. SO CUTE!!! It looks like the whole party was a big hit and you all had a great time. It is so cute to see Melia loving all her gifts. Aren't these 2 year olds fun! I love it!!