Thursday, December 18, 2008

It was a snowy night!

Last night when our TV went out I couldn't figure out why and then my neighbor knocked on my door and said "Do you know what is happening right now??" So I looked and much to my surprise this is what I saw!

What the heck is all of this cold white stuff that is very seldom to fall in Yucaipa??

So just in case you couldn't tell...

Snow!!!! Wow I was like a kid again. I have only been in snow maybe 2 or 3 times in my whole life so snow is a really big deal for me. So after I called basically everyone I know to brag about the snow, I bundled Melia up and we went out in the cold. I don't think she really liked it, watch the video and you'll know what I mean. Our puppy Annie totally loved it, but Bella didn't like it too much either. We got at least a good 3 inches or more that stayed through the night so Bryce was able to enjoy it too when he got home.

This is the kind of snow I can deal with. The once or twice a year snow thats just enough to play in and enjoy without having to worry about closed roads or icy sidewalks or having to plow it off the driveway. It was all gone by about 1pm or so, I can say I do miss it already! It was so beautiful to watch falling and the hills and mountains looked gorgeous!

Melia in the snow...or rather slush...

Annie the snow dog ran like a bullet through the snow

Bella was not so enthusiastic about it all

My car

It's snowing!!!

For some reason I thought puppy paws were cute in the snow

the backyard

Am I too mean for throwing a snowball at Melia??


  1. So much fun! I love when something unexpected happens! I agree, perfect kind of clean up!

  2. That was so funny watching melia in the video, steven and I had a good laugh!

  3. Funny!! I love the snow, I wish it would have snowed here!!

  4. First of all are you the type of neighbors that takes everyones tools and "forgets" to give them back...I'm refering to your 4 wheelbarrows in the back yard! Are you having races back there or something;) btw...stop abusing your child by throwing snowballs at her isn't your husband a cop!(seriously that was so funny how she totally cried!!)