Friday, December 26, 2008

Pre Christmas post...

I am so totally and completely bummed right now. It's now the day after all of the grand Christmas festivities and I am all ready to post about all of the fun we had... but wait...where oh where is my life and soul, the air I beloved camera???

Dang I have just realized that it is sitting on top of my aunt's computer desk. Poo.

So instead of a Christmas post, here is my PRE- Christmas post!

Lets see where shall I start?? Well we did have a baking day, where we made just about a kajillion cookies. Also kajilliion is a real number if you were wondering.

There were cookies...

and cookies...
and more cookies OH MY!!!

And for as long as I live I don't ever want to see or taste any more of this...

which I am sure that feeling will pass within the next 48 hours or so.
I have a deep and complicated love with baked goods.

Please, don't be fooled... don't let Bryce's phony scowl lead you to believe that this is true...

See... he was loving every second he had in the kitchen - oh how I love my husband <3

Oh and we did celebrate yet ANOTHER birthday - Bryce turned 27 on the 23rd.
We celebrated by going to one of Bryce's favorite restaurant (cheap restaurant that is, he really chose the wrong time to be born - so his fault for being four weeks late, his poor mother!!)
El Torito. He was serenaded a mariachi version of Happy Birthday and got some birthday flan. Dude seriously what is better than flan!? But of course Melia stole the lime light once again... she seriously has a problem with that...haha OK she is just so darn cute who couldn't pay attention to her??
And don't mind the silly dancing he will do anything for his daughter haha!

Only it was a bittersweet day to start with. We attended his uncle's funeral that morning.

Keith McDermott was such an example to my husband throughout his life, and was sadly diagnosed with a brain tumor 8 short weeks ago and passed away on the 19th at age 51. It really shows how precious and fragile life can really be. We will always truly miss him!

Tis' the season to be grateful for wonderful friends that are still just as wonderful as I remember them being. We are now all old and married with kids (mostly) but still the best of friends.
(So super corny to say but I truly love facebook and myspace for the people it has brought back into my life <3)

And last but not least there was a wedding! Here is the handsome new couple along with the bridal party

The pretty little flower girl...
who decided to play with poinsettia leaves and then rub her eyes...
poor girl she got all red and swollen =(

So I can't wait until I get my camera back so I can actually post Christmas... but it might be awhile... =(

Hope every ones Christmas was just as good as mine.


  1. Wow, that was a lot of pre-christmas stuff you had going on!!! You were one busy family. All those cookies looked SOOOO yummy. I am MORE than impressed with the amount of cookies you made. Go Holmes family! I can't wait for the Christmas post whenever you get your camera back :)

  2. That video of your daugher and husband dancing was adorable! So So cute!!

  3. Wow! That is so much! You sound very busy! I hope not too busy for your good ol pals to visit! Let me know when Bryce is off work so we can see everyone!

  4. You've been busy! I love the pictures! Cookies, Birthday and wedding...busy! Melia is so cute! And it looks like it was a wonderful and beautiful wedding! Oh, and a fun night out for a Birthday. My little Rylan is a little like your husband in choice of blessing the world with his presence. His Birthday is three days after Christmas and he was four weeks early. :)

  5. Seriously that was a lot of cookies. I thought I baked a lot! December looked like a busy month for you. Bet you're glad it's over. SO sad about your camera though. I am looking forward to seeing your Christmas pictures.