Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Salt Lake's Hogle Zoo

The "vultures"

One scary ape!

One huge elephant - it made noises and freaked Melia out

Family pic

Very close giraffe, I wasn't even zooming!

Melia and Me

Melia and Bryce

Could you imagine this as your pet???


First carousel ride!
One of the days on vacation we went to the zoo. I was suprised of the size of the zoo, I thought itwas going to be alot smaller. I really love the zoo and to see the animals but the animal lover inside of me gets really sad when I have to see these gorgeous wild animals out of there natural habitat and squished into these small, glass faced cubicals for the entertainment of others. Sigh! Poor things!

Anyways we did have lots of fun and Melia knows EVERY single animal noise (im not kidding, ask her anything!) and had a blast seeing all these animals that are on TV and in her books. Her favorite were the monkeys (mine too!) and the elephants. She really loved the huge snake too...ugh! I better watch out I have a feeling she might want one as a pet later on in life! We saw a bunch of wild turkeys... yeah so I thought they were vultures at first so I yelled to Bryce "Look at all of those vultures!" He looked at me funny and I am sure everyone else standing around thought I was a complete idiot! Haha So funny.


  1. How fun!!! We live right next to the L.A Zoo. When Melia is ready to see more animals you guys should come on out :)

  2. her facial expressions are so cute!

  3. We used to live about 5 miles from the zoo. We had season passes. It was fun to just go there whenever, and enjoy all that the zoo had to offer the little ones. Looks like you guys had fun too!

  4. How fun! You guys look like your having a great time. I love the zoo.
    In regards to your question about putting pictures on your side bar:
    go to "customize". On your sidebar click on "add a gadget". Then click on the "add a picture" button, its pretty self explanatory from there. If you have any questions, call me!
    When are you guys coming home? We are practicing the Primary Program for Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. Let me know, if you aren't going to be there.
    Keep having fun guys! We miss you.

  5. UMM....You were at the zoo just the day before we went for our Cali's birthday. Wierd! I wish I would have known you were here!!