Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mt. Timpanogos...a hiking we did go...

Here is yet another day from our trip to Utah. One day Bryce and I decided to take a short, easy, leisurely hike up Mt. Timpanogos ...haha. For anyone who has done this hike before please note the sarcasm. For being in half decent shape I struggled to get up that dang mountain!!! It was a mile and a half hike...but you also ascend 1000 feet within that distance. It probably wouldn't have been that bad but Bryce and i decided to book it up that mountain. We did it in a little less than 40 minutes with no stops. So that is why I almost died that day. I figured if that didn't kill me than I probably would have fallen down the steep drop off cliffs along the No it really wasn't that bad.

We got some gorgeous pictures, fall is the time to go up there, it is absolutely beautiful. From our pictures you can see that we had alot of fun along the way too. I guess we just get goofy when we don't have a crazy toddler to chase after constantly. I would recommend this hike to anyone - sans the kids though, until they are older anyway. I did see one lady with 4 kids under the age of 8 and another baby strapped on her back making the trek...first word that popped into my head was...CRAZY! No I really really give her props for that, cuz there is NO way you will ever see me do that!!

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  1. So Allison! Why don't I see this side of your personality at church? You are so funny!