Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Vacation...Part 1...Conference

In front of the Salt Lake temple
My very cute little family
Uncle Dave and Chris Robinson, Me and Bryce

So we are FINALLY back from Utah, I swear it felt like we were gone for a month! We had so much fun and did sooo many things. I think I took about 400 pictures and I could probably write a post on every single one of them too!
Since we did so much, and becuase I am so tired right now I'll blog everything else tomarrow. I really wanted to post our conference experience. Oh man it was the best thing I could have imagined! Being in the same room with the prophet and apostles was really something else. The mo tab sounded like angels singing and I was truely spiritually fed. We were able to go to the Sunday morning session and we sat on the 2nd level in the middle. So whats a mormon got to do to get front row seats there? Now that would be amazing. The talks were powerful, the Spoken Word, so peaceful... too bad they dim the lights so much they almost put me to sleep - in a good way though.
The only thing that enraged me are the people that have the gall to bash our religion outside of the conference center as are walking back to your cars. You have just had this extremely spiritual experience and then you are confronted by a man wearing a devil mask claiming to be Angel Moroni... I wanted to punch him so hard in his cajones - no seriously I did. People are so psycho these days.
Anyways we are so glad we were able to attend conference this year, even if we had to walk a mile in the pouring rain in opened toed HIGH heels to get inside- note to self: please wear flats next time! If you haven't gone yet you really should think about going soon!

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