Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can't Stop...

...taking pictures of this little one

Alana is such a good baby, is becoming a better sleeper at night... but watch out, if her diaper is wet or if she is hungry, she wastes NO time in letting you know! We just love her so much :)
She has her two week doctors appt. tomorrow and I am curious to see if she has gained all her weight back and to see how she is measuring up. She does have a birthmark above her right eye but the doctor says it should fade in the next couple of years. She has her daddy's long toes and fingers and my nose...we are still debating on whose eyes she has, maybe in a couple of weeks we can tell a little more! I'll have to pull up a pic of Melia at this age to compare them, they are pretty identical except Melia was more rounded and filled out and Alana's features are more narrow and skinny. I just adore my girls!!!!!!!!!


  1. How could you not take a billion pictures of that sweet face? Hope you guys are doing well! Love ther flower BTW

  2. I still can't stop taking pics of Zack, or Jane for that matter. She is precious Allison!

  3. I can see why you can't stop taking pictures...she is adorable!

  4. the photos! :) What an adorable little family!