Thursday, September 30, 2010

So in Love...

...with this little girl :) I love this picture, Alana looks so happy to be alive! It reminds me of a poem my grandma shared with me recently.

My day old child lay in my arms
With my lips against her ear
I whispered strongly, "How I wish-
I wish that you could hear!"

"I've a hundred wonderful things
To say, (a tiny cough and a nod).
Hurry hurry hurry and grow
So I can tell you about God."

My day old baby's mouth was still
And my words only tickled her ear.
But a kind of light passed through
Her eyes and I saw this thought appear"

"How I wish I had a voice and words
I've a hundred things to say.
Before I forget I'd tell you of God-
I left Him yesterday."
Here is a run down of what happened that night

Here is Alana... still in my belly, but it is the last picture I have of her in there! This is my mom and I waiting in a triage room. Little did I know I would be sitting there earlier that evening. It was just a regular quiet Friday night at home around 8 pm when all of the sudden I felt a POP and a GUSH... holy moly I have never felt more scared in my life. Bryce was at work 35 minutes away, my neighbor was not home and I could not get a clear mind on what I should do. Thank goodness my prayers were answered and I got a hold of Bryce and my neighbor shortly after.

Also having your water break is so icky and pretty disgusting lol.

My wonderful neighbor, Donna helped me get ready for the hospital while I waited for Bryce's sister to pick me up and she also took Melia in for us all weekend. SO grateful for her! So the rest of the night in a nutshell, got to the hospital on pretty much the busiest night of the year in labor and delivery around 9pm. Sat in the waiting room for a half hour... remember my water had broke already... not a fun experience. Finally went into a triage room where my contractions started OUCH. I had my epidural really fast with Melia so I had never really experienced bad labor pains before.

I finally got my epidural about 1 am after having crazy contractions every couple minutes for the last almost 3 hours. I was a 5 and 80% effaced. So at 3:13 am the nurse let me know if I felt I needed to push or was feeling pressure at the site (which I never felt having Melia) and to let her know, otherwise they weren't planning on checking me until about 4 or 5 am. All of the sudden I just knew she was coming... fast! I told the nurse she should check me because I thought I was feeling slight pressure. The nurse had said something that made me laugh as soon as she had flipped up the sheet to check me and her face was full of surprise... she yelled "get the doctor in here fast!" She told me not to breathe, laugh, push, etc. because I guess the baby's head popped out as I had laughed. The doctor barely had time to throw gloves on (she had to suit up after the delivery!) and with that baby Alana just kind of let herself out, no pushing required! Can you think of an easier delivery? It was pretty amazing.

So here are some pictures of the first 5 days of her cute little life.

Just born :)

This business of being born is exhausting... for mommy and baby

Melia singing to Alana

Ready to go home from the hospital

Cute baby toes!

Such a cutie Melia just loves her to death

Cute little smirk
So cute <3>


This is pretty much her life right now... the girl is a marathon sleeper during the day but not so much at night :)

Bryce loves his girls!


I remember stressing out before Alana was born about having a baby around again. Melia is Little Miss Independent so I was weary of the feedings and diaper changes and having another kid connected at the hip for the next couple years, I don't know why, it's not like those are bad things. But now I absolutely LOVE it. I wake up in the morning and I can't wait to hold her, feed her and even change her diapers all day long! Having a baby in the house again is definitely a lot easier then I had expected. But then again Bryce is home and is a HUGE help to me so I just hope that in a month when he goes back to work I have a better handle on things.


  1. She is so beautiful!! So fun. I am glad it is going so good for you.

  2. THis post brought tears to my eyes. She is so sweet.! I am glad you are adjusting so well. I hope it continues to be this easy for you!

  3. What a cool birth story. I have never had my water break so I have no idea what that feels like. I always wish that I could have experienced it but oh well. I am happy to hear that things are going well with Melia. That is always a big relief. I was always nervous bringing in a new baby but I felt just like you I Loved it. You just adapt to whatever the need is. Good luck and I hope she starts sleeping for you :)

  4. She is such a beautiful baby...even if she has her daddy's toes. :)

  5. Your family is so blessed!!! Oh wait... no, its my family that is blessed because we have your guys in our lives. ;) Really though, you guys are truly blessed! Alana is SOOO lucky to have your family forever.
    I am so happy Melia is taking on her big sister roll so well! My brother was not nice when I came home from the hospital. He said, "Take her back!"
    It's fun to watch your little family blossom and grow strong.

  6. Allison, Bryce, Melia...and Alana :) CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are together finally!
    What a great delivery! I am so glad...Allison, she is seriously so beautiful, peaceful, sweet...oh...I just want to hold her :)
    My baby is crawling (he started at 5 months!), pulling himself up, he has 8 teeth and says Mamma...Can you believe that??? No wonder those first weeks of his life feel so far now get to ENJOY every day!
    I am so happy to see Melia so carefully taking care of her sweet sister.
    Your family is blessedof the Lord.


  7. OMGoodness what a cute little girl. You are so lucky! I love her little smirk in some of those pics. How fun!

  8. ok she is just the cutest little thing i've ever seen! You guys did a good job! haha! Congrats!

  9. My water randomly broke with Madison too- it is definitely a strange and gross thing to deal with! I can't believe you didn't have to push! I hope my second natural delivery is easier than my first too! That's so neat.