Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Soccer and Swim

We have been keeping Melia busy with different things this summer. Now that next year she'll be old enough to start real leagues and teams we thought we'd try to see what she likes best. She started dancing 9 months ago and we took a break from that this month to try soccer and swim. She seems to love both, especially swim. In soccer she needs a little push sometimes during skills practice but then loves to run and play in the games.

First is soccer...

Learning to stop the ball

A little help from her coach

Playing on the green team!

... and swim...

It's so nice to see Melia more comfortable in the water now. Before she was a total spaz and couldn't get out of her comfort zone. Now she swims along with the teacher on her tummy and back (with no more screaming! YAY) and is comfortable floating on her back and dunking her head. These pics are from the first day of practice. I'll have to take some shots the last day so you can see her improvement.

Her favorite part of practice... jumping time!

Blowing bubbles

Hanging out with her swim buddies

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  1. okay, seriously she is SO cute! I can't believe how big she is!