Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July pics

Our 4th of July was a great day of BBQing, swimming, park going, and firework watching. We started at Sylvan Park to get our show tickets and to have a little fun. It was extra special this year because usually we have to do all the celebration without Bryce, he's had to work on the 4th for the last 5 years! So to be out as a family together on that day was so great to me :) Melia enjoyed a snow cone and shared our incredible sparkling strawberry lemonade and we stayed to listen to the band play some good old classic rock.

We then went home where I made this crazy good dessert

(you can get the recipe here!) and then headed off to a good friends for some swimming and good food and great company. We finished up the night at the U of R for the firework show. Melia is funny, she used to love watching the fireworks but this year the poor girl was scared to death all night.

I think this was the only time she took her hands off her ears was to play a princess game on her aunties phone. Bryce looks pretty into it too ;) She wouldn't take her hands off her ears for the whole 2 hours before the show and by the end of the show she was sobbing under a blanket :( She's just not a fan of loud noises I guess. But it was an awesome day and I'm so glad I was able to share it with my whole family.


  1. How fun!! I'm glad that Texas sheet cake turned out. Its really a once a year splurge, unless you want to get fat. :)

  2. My daughter did the same thing (covering her ears). It was surprising b/c she was so excited about them until it actually started. She warmed up a little at the end. Silly girls!