Sunday, June 6, 2010

Grand Cayman numero uno!

Whew! And we are back from a nothing less then fabulous vacation! Here we are in the Miami airport while waiting during our lay over. The flight wasn't too too long about 5 hours to Miami... but being 6 months pregnant made it feel like we were flying for EVER! Very uncomfortable! The weather was clear and it was neat to see the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys and Cuba. Ready to get our vacation on!

The next set of pics are from our first night there. We arrived at about 8pm and were instantly won over by the islands beauty and friendliness but we could have done without the nasty mosquitoes and humidity! You have to take two showers every day to feel clean over there and just to wear shorts and a tank top is too much clothing! It was HOT HOT HOT. I had never been in that much humidity before and during the afternoon everyone is just dripping sweat (perfect time for hitting the beach!) lol

Thank goodness the mosquitoes were only there that night... I guess they come right after they have a storm which they had the night before we got there. Those suckers got me about 10 times on my feet and I was so itchy for about 3 days. Here is another trip... learning how to drive on the left side of the road in a car with the steering wheel on the right! SCARY to say the least, good thing I didn't have to drive!

By the time we got to the Marriott it was about 9pm and we were starving! There was nothing open so we had no choice but to go to the EXTREMELY overpriced hotel BBQ buffet... I hate spending unnecessary money! Good thing the food was good!

Our room

The boys

The food... or at least my plate that is. Island citrus salmon and jerk chicken and their sweet potatoes were bangin!

The girls

Down by the water... here's a good belly shot for all of you folks out there! 24 weeks!

The sand was like powder! It was AMAZING to walk in

Macho macho men... :)

Lots of pictures to come!


  1. Fun!! You get to go somewhere fabulous every year huh?

  2. Yes the humidity SUCKS!!!! Try living in it! Ugh!

    But...FUN! I love that sand! You look so cute pregnant! You're so slim still everywhere else! Love the belly!