Saturday, May 29, 2010

Until next week...

Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waitin' for me
My lover stands on golden sand
And watches the ships that go sailin'

Somewhere beyond the sea
She's there watchin' for me
If I could fly like birds on high
Then straight to her arms I'd go sailin'

I love this song and I get it stuck in my head every time we go on vacation :)
I am now feeling the stress of leaving my little girl behind as we are leaving for Grand Cayman in the morning. Good thing she will still be asleep when we leave, I don't think I could handle saying goodbye without totally losing it! We fly into Miami and then will be on the islands for a week. I am TOO excited and there is still so much I feel I need to get done today before we leave.

Glad I can finally get a new stamp in my passport! Here is to many more world travels! Can't wait to take so phenomenal pictures to post for everyone.
Passport - check
Sunscreen - check
International calling card (for the paranoid mom in me) - check
Cute sun dresses and sandals - check

Let's GO!

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