Friday, August 7, 2009

This Week...

Yes... this is my child running around Victoria Gardens in her panties.
This is also my child who decided not to tell her mommy she had to go potty and squatted in front all of the nice people.

Here we are on the train, shirtless and pantie-less Melia and I

Cuz it's how we roll

Today we spent the day at Celebration park in MoVal
We were there for 3 hours and I don't think Melia stopped running once... so tell me, what's it like to have a child that just sits for more then 5 seconds? I would love to know :)

The cute water park there

Melia wearing her goober face and her Auntie

Melia and one of her besties, Mallory

Melia probably did this for a good hour we were there. She is my monkey!

And if you listen close enough you can hear me say "get outta the way!" to some kids who dared playing in front of my view! Haha I'm such a meanie!


  1. Too funny!!! I really want to try out that park. I heard its super fun!

  2. I showed Wesley that video of melia in the water and he was laughing and pointing at her, he wanted to watch it 3 times. He has a thing for older women I guess! You guys should come over and go swimming this week!

  3. This park looks like so much fun! You'll have to tell me where it is.