Saturday, August 8, 2009

Me, My Glasses and I

It's official, I am now old and crumbling away, eyesight and all, at the ripe age of 24. It's all downhill from here folks!

I have to wear them for driving (especially at night) and for distance reading... yeah like reading the menu at fast food places (just wasn't happening!)
Now Bryce can stop making fun of me for always squinting like an old lady he he, oh and thankfully now if you ever see me in the grocery store I will actually see you too!


  1. aah you look cute! You will get used to them and then when you take them off you will look a little different. CUTE!

  2. I like them so much! You picked great frames. You really look cute! It is amazing how far glasses have come...I remember my first pair (back in the 90's *sigh*) that seemed to be bigger than my face!

  3. I have to wear glasses for driving and reading and watching tv too. At first it's kind of fun and new to have glasses, then it just gets downright annoying!! You look super cute in them though! :)

  4. U look beautiful!!!! I love your new look!

  5. your glasses look cute. The water park was fun. We outta do it again. Melia is one of my kids favs.