Friday, July 10, 2009

Our 4th...

We went to Sylvan Park in Redlands for some 4th of July fun. Melia got her face painted, jumped in a bouncer, ate her first snow cone (well technically she just sucked out the syrup :P) and we danced to a live band. Melia had a tons of fun.

This was pretty much how Melia was the whole night. She covered her eyes with the first little fire work that popped off and I had to show her that it was her ears she should cover and not her eyes because I could tell she got really panicky about the loud fireworks. She did not take her fingers out of her ears one single time that night!

Parachuter with the flag

One of my favorite parts of the day is when Grandpa Hastain stands up while everyone sings the Navy song.

Me and my sis-in-law

We went to the U of R for the fireworks show, we've gone there the last 3 years and I just love the show they put on every year.

Whew what a week! I just got back from our wards girls camp so I didn't get a chance to put these on here from last week. Bryce's sister was able to watch Melia for me which was so much help. Although I snapped my finger in a mouse trap and fell off the stage and rolled... it was such a blast to run around being a goofy girl again.

I found out that it is impossible for me to pull an all nighter...ahhh what an old fogey I am now but seriously those girls are machines! I think I annoyed them just a little from being such a morning person all happy and cheery while running on no sleep lol! They are like Sister Holmes what is wrong with you! I was like gurls - when you've got a crazy two year old you have no choice and it comes naturally, well to me anyways!

We had a blast and I just feel so blessed to have that experience to meet all the girls I did because even though I've been in our ward for over two years I have not had the opportunity to really know the youth. They are just absolutely amazing and all my YC's worked so hard too. But as much fun as it was I can't begin to say how glad I am it's over and I'm back home again with my family. I can take showers barefoot, not beg and scream to be first to eat, and to be able to wear flip flops again.


  1. I love how Melia is covering her I am glad that you survived camp and made it home with no injuries. I didn't realize that there was so much to do over in Redlands for the 4th.

  2. I am glad you had so much fun. I bet it was nice to be on your own for a week, but at the same time, home again. We miss you over here in GT. COme visit soon.

  3. Great attitude for girls camp. I'm sure you were loads of fun :) U R a fun person to be around.