Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday mom <3

Yesterday was my mom's 50th birthday. That's right, the big 5-0! We (my sister, mom and I) celebrated first off by going to Glen Ivy and sharing a spa day together. It was a whole lot of fun, lounging in pools, mineral baths that stunk like joke! We sweated it out in a sauna and then jumped in the pool for a water aerobics class.

We also had a crazy fun time in Club Mud. You slather yourself with red clay mud and then you bake and get all tight and crackly. Smoother and detoxified skin? I'm not sure but we sure had a good heck of a time doing it!

An elephant's ankle? LOL no it's my mom's crackly elbow! The dried mud made everyone look like they were 100 years old and crumbling away :)

I'm not too sure why I am even posting this disgusting picture on here, just to prove I played in the mud too I guess! No making fun allowed! :P

We joined our family in downtown San Diego for dinner at Bucca Di Beppo's which is my absolute favorite Italian restaurant in possibly the whole world :) It was really fun being together with the family again, we tend to get a little crazy when we hang out!

We sat in a private room that we deemed "the pope room". It was wall to wall pope madness complete with a pope head round robin. That is all I've wanted is to have the pope staring me down as I stuff my face with lasagna :P

My mom and me

I don't even have words to explain what it's like when we sister's get together...

Here is a picture of my family, hmmm something just isn't quite right...
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OK this is more like it. Here is the family I know and love haha

Seriously, we are just a bunch of crazy's!
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My mom and her siblings

I think the best gift of the night was a brand spankin new walker! Complete with tennis ball stabilizers!
We then went to go see Fiddler on the Roof at the San Diego Civic Theater. It was really good and it was extra special to see Topol who was the original Tevye in the 1971 movie play his signature role. I am not really a musical/broadway lover but it was a good show to go and see.
It was such a fun evening, even though from walking all around downtown SD in heels gave me the most monstrous blisters on my feet (don't worry I don't have pics of them to post haha)

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you :)


  1. Ahh! What a fun day and a fun family too! Happy Birthday Allison's Momma!!

  2. Looks like y'all had fun! I love Glen Ivy, and your comment about the fart spas cracked me up, it's so true!! You're totally hot with that mud dried all over you.... :)

  3. YOu are related to the Vongsawads? This is such a small world. They were in our ward for a while they are such a great family.

    Who knows Allison maybe were related somehow with all of these people we both

    We ate in the Pope room too that room cracked me up.

  4. No way is your mom 50! You guys look cute. Happy birthday Monica!

  5. DUDE! That cracks me up that you guys got your mom a walker! My mom turned 60 last year and we threw her a surprise party and put ALL 60 candles on the cake and lit them ALL! It took a while to lite those suckers AND to blow them out!

  6. Cute post looks like ya'all had lots of fun..isn't that what it's all about.