Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm seeing a trend here...

So far I've seen endless pen, mascara, washable markers, dry erase markers, and concealer, etc... I really thought I'd seen the worst of it too!

But not until I got off the phone yesterday did I realize how wrong I was. It got worse... much worse. Melia is using heavier much more harmful weapons... here come the big guns!

Permanent marker anyone?
(and no I have NO CLUE where she got it from!)
Thank heaven for Mr. Clean Magic erasers, removed it all (eh plus a little paint from the walls)
from the walls, floor, cabinets and table. Unfortunately we are still working on the couch stains.


  1. Poor you! Vance went through the same stage! So not fun!!!

  2. NIGHTMARE!!!!!! I was just gasping! Try Oxyclean on the couch. That is what I had to use on my carpet. Oh my word . . .NIGHTMARE!! Man Melia, that is quite the damage. These kids!!

  3. Yikes!!! The girl needs to go to art camp or something....Thanks for preparing me for future 'events!'

  4. yeah yesterday I couldn't figure out what was behind her ear. I thought it was a bruise until bryce told me what happened. Oh my word!