Monday, July 27, 2009

So this week...

...I made this pie and it was just ridiculously yummy that I made it twice! haha
You can find the recipe here. Wow I am just in LOVE with our fruit stand out here :) They really do have the tastiest produce and it's super cheap!

Future soccer player!

This is totally random but
I thought it was so cute she was dancing for Bryce when he was asleep...heaven knows how he sleeps with music blaring that loud!


  1. Allison!...Melia is such a fun kid! The pie looks really good!!!

    hugs from Italy

  2. That pie looks delicious!!! My cousin talks about the fruit stand in Yuciapa too. Maybe I need to travel out and get some!

  3. That last video of her dancing for him is hilarious! She can really groove...

  4. Oh Allison! She really is precious!!! I think, but could be wrong, that Austin did the same thing with a permanent marker! That last video is so cute! Rich is the same way and can sleep through any noise! Crazy men! And the smile after she kisses him is so sweet!