Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maui Teaser this thing on?? Ahem, So I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, ahhh yes, once again taking on the realities of life that seem to disappear when your in the middle of the ocean. I have about 290 (eeegad!) pictures that I am trying to organize - so very slowly it seems - and I can't seem to get around to blogging about our vacation.
It was a great thing actually being away from computers (no Internet!) in which I thought I would go crazy without, but I survived and it was actually a nice break not to feel so addicted and enslaved to my laptop :) We completely ignored our phones too, with the exception of the nightly conversations I would have with Melia. So all together it was such a relaxing, peaceful, fun filled vacation. So until I can get my act back together, here are some scenic shots of Maui. Out of the three islands we have visited, this one is truly unique and beautiful, with the landscape being much different then the others.

Makena Beach - with the clearest water I've ever seen and the waves were huge!

A black sand beach in Hana

A shot from Iao Valley

Some pretty lava rock

This beach was right past Makena beach and it was crawling with crabs...blech

A shot of our condo we stayed at, Kauhale Makai which means Village by the Sea

The view from the beach outside our condo

So stay tuned - for some crazy good Hawaiian eats, snorkeling with huge turtles, getting inked by an octopus, getting stung by a jelly fish, and all sorts of cool stuff!


  1. YOur pictures are beautiful. I can't wait ot see more.

  2. Yay! Those are some beautiful shots!! Can't wait to see the inked by an octopus one!