Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maui Part Uno

So here goes nothing...

We flew into Salt Lake on Memorial Day. After my grandparents picked us up we went to a cemetery in SLC to visit my great grandparent's grave. Unlike here in CA where we have BBQ's and throw pool parties for the holiday, Utah'ins go to the cemetery and visit and dress up the gravestones of past on loved ones...and then have a BBQ and throw a pool party. The cemetery was chock full of people and flowers. My grandparent's visit here often to clean and polish and cut the grass around the stone. It gave the holiday more meaning to me as we were at that cemetery.

And as tradition goes at my grandma's house when little girls come to visit, they get scrubbed up so fresh and so clean clean :) They get there hair done in ringlets and dressed up in there new PJ's. I wish I had the pictures of me having the same thing done when I was 2.

So off we went to the airport to fly to the OGG the next morning, a six or so hour flight across nothing but water, which was a little un-nerving at times. Thank goodness for the book I brought (Angels and Demons) which kept me mostly occupied. Oh we did go see the movie while we were there, along with Night at the Museum 2, anyways the Angels and Demons movie really disappointed me because it followed the books plot so poorly. I walked out so mad that I couldn't enjoy that movie when the book had been so fabulous! Oh well I guess.

Oh really think your gonna see me in my bathing suit on here...keep dreaming!

There were beaches, and beaches, and beaches galore! I think we went to a new beach every day we were there. The first few days of our trip were somewhat sabotaged by my dear Aunt Flo... TMI I know, but come on now not in Hawaii! Suffering with crampy pains on a white sand beach is just so cruel while you watch your husband flipping and swimming in the cool clear water and your left on the beach sweating and bored. Oh what a world.
ANYWAYS! The food was great there. We ate everything from the best Mahi Mahi tacos with mango sauce, to coconut shrimp to steaks smothered in mushrooms and onions, shredded pork from our pig friend at the luau - heck we even indulged in McDonalds a time or two ;) I don't need to say it again but I will, the food was crazy good and I just felt like eating the whole time we were there. Also the shaved ice there is to DIE for, it was seriously the best ever!


  1. How fun. I am sorry to hear about your unfriendly visitor. She never fails to appear at the worst times. Your pictures are beautiful I miss Hawaii except for the plane ride.

  2. I am glad you good time-minus your little friend :0) Can't wiat to see more!!