Saturday, June 13, 2009

Maui Part Tres

Woo let's Luau everybody!

First you need a Hawaiian Barry Manilow to MC the eventCheck

Next we need a big fatty cooked pig

Add some hula dancers who can shake it like nobody's business
and a fire-thrower

check and check

Of course you cannot forget the great food and drinks
(woo hoo we were getting crazy sipping our pineapple juice)

Whoa Bryce-man easy on the sauce :P

mingling with the natives :p

We had a great night at the luau. We ended up getting some VIP tickets which included free drinks in an air conditioned lounge before the show started, shell necklaces, front row seats and dibs on eating first. Oh and most importantly indoor bathrooms (everyone else had to use porta potties!) It was fortunate that we bought them too. As we were sitting there talking to our neighbors we discovered that we were sitting right next to Bryce's aunt's brother and his wife. So that would make him Bryce's uncle half removed?? Heck I don't know, I just know we are related :) How weird is that? We had never met them before and it was so crazy to be sitting right there in Maui of all places to meet them. It was so funny. It was a blast though, the pork and the Mahi Mahi were amazing and the entertainment was awesome.


  1. Cute pictures. Going to a luah was one of the highlights for me when I went to Hawaii. Your trip looks like it was amazing.

  2. Allison I hadn't seen or heard anything about your trip..and I've got to say that some of those pics. are amazing!!!!!!!!!Like unreal looking. Sounds like you had a great time. I showed the luau video to mal and she was in a little shock. I don't know if she knew what the whole thing was. MAn, I am jealous. Glad u r back

  3. Whoa, can someone say JEALOUS? I hate your guts, I'd LOVE to go to Hawaii! :)

  4. Dude, ALL the pictures look AMAZING! I so wanna go! Me or my stud of a husband have never been to Hawaii, or any of the islands over there. We talk about dumping the kids off at Gramy and Grampys all the time so we can go! I am definitely gonna show him your pictures, maybe it will push him to wanna go sooner rather than later! Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Glad your back to the blogger world!

  5. I am really enjoying these look beautiful! Looks like you had the time of your life! I am happy for you guys! love ya!!!

  6. You sure did have a good time!! Making me want to go. Glad you got a Luau in :)

  7. We may not know each other, but I'm pretty sure I know your sister if her name is Ashley. And we run in the same old school circle from Jurupa! I'm formerly a Jones, my mom is Ginger. Maybe you know her?
    Anyway, feel free to stop by my blog any time and leave comments. :) I added your food blog to my links so I can start getting some new food on the menu! so thank you!

  8. Wow, it sounds like your trip was a lot of fun. I was at home a couple of weekends ago, and Aunt Joanie told me how you guys ran into her brother in Hawaii. That is really random!