Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Last of Maui (FINALLY)

Wow I haven't blogged in forever! Also a week really converts to forever in the bloggin realm. So I haven't been on the internet so much lately, and I blame it on the island hiatus. I just have not been in the mood to type or look up random things or load pictures or any of it. But on the good side it feels so nice to have dinner on the table on time, Melia gets her naps on time and my house stays clean. And then sometimes I just feel like "no one really would care about this anyways so why post?!" Blah what a rut :)

So FINALLY I can finish up our Hawaii trip and move on with what is been up with us lately. These first pics are from our kayaking/snorkling trip.

The little cove that we docked out of
Some fellow kayakers along with our Joel McHale look a like guide

First time kayaking in the ocean!

Our guide pulled up a little friend from the bottom

Bryce holding the icky little slimy thing. It tried to get away from him and when Bryce tried to catch it, it inked all over us...NICE!

We got to swim face to face with sea turtles which was so rediculously cool...too bad I had a crappy waterproof disposable point and shoot!

Having a blast

So I did get stung by a little jelly fish the size of a quarter on my upper arm LOL
I didn't take a picture of the wound but it hurt like you know what!

Stupid jellyfish

We went and visited the aquarium while we were in town. It was really small and we got done in about 45 we had planned on being there about half the day.

I told Bryce he needs to knock out a wall in our house and install one of these babies. Too cool!

What a stud :)

One of my favorite shots we took, this one we are going to blow up and frame in our room.

I have never seen a flowering banana tree before so I had to snap a pic of it, weird huh?

Bryce found a secret cave on the beach

Everything else is from the "Drive to Hana" where it's not about getting to the actual city but more about enjoying the ride up. The drive was kind of nuts, it was a crazy coastal highway that had one way streets and dozens of old and rotting teeny bridges and hundreds of turns and twists. It was quite the roller coaster ride! It was great besides the part when we almost got hit by a crazy local who decided it was easier to drive on the wrong side of the road...ugh!

But of course the road wasen't THAT crazy when I recorded it.

Gray sand beach

We hiked up rocks for about a mile and got to a gorgeous waterfall... which the only picture I got of it was with Bryce posing in his skiivees (LOL he would just DIE if he knew this was on remember you didn't see it here :P)

Loved these flowers!

Inside the lava tube...hiking in flip flops lol

Inside the lava tube where it was pitch black

This is when I wish I had photoshop or something. I would love to take the hand rails out and make it look so much better! This was a shot as we came up out of the lava tube.


  1. haha! Bryce in his panties!

    You're such a California girl, hiking in flip flops! I spent my first Winter in Utah in flip flops. It was quite obvious I didn't belong in utah!