Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm Baaa-ack!!

Oh snap! Allison got her camera back...did you miss me??? I like to think you did so we'll just go with it. Haha. I swear it has been an ETERNITY since I had shipped it off to be fixed.
I think I've grown a couple of inches since I've looked into that 2.7 inch LCD screen. So you can imagine how excited I was when I got a call from Best Buy today saying it was here again.

So lets raise the roof...

...because I am MEGA excited!!

Thank goodness most of the month of January was slow so I don't think I missed anything too important...although I did read a GREAT book...Oh and I am probably sure you may of already heard of this author before ;) So if you haven't read The Host yet...stop asking questions and just go buy it already. Just like she changed our perspective on vampires, she has done it again with creatures that are from outta this world.

Oh and did you know within the last 30 days of having no camera, I became a rock goddess? That's right just within 4 half hour guitar lessons I know how to fluently read sheet music, tabs and I memorized just about every song ever thought of.

What you dont believe me??

Good because it looks like in the last 30 days I've became an impulsive liar too! Ha ha just kidding guys! I did learn my first song though. I'll have to post it one of these days...just dont laugh too hard when you get to see it. Im really trying my best ;)

I also had to clean my guitar off after taking this picture...It is covered in fingerprints!

So all joking aside - I am glad to be back on board once again!


  1. Yay that you have your camera back. Kudos on the guitar lessons. I tried it and failed miserably.

  2. Glad you got your camera back. I bet your battery only lasted 5 minutes with all the pictures you probably took. :)

  3. You are so awesome! I want to take guitar drum lessons photography classes! I just wanna do it all!

    Glad you got your camera back! I feel naked when I don't have mine with me!