Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Great Blog

While Melia was napping today, I found myself blog stalking...Oops! I mean blog searching! On a friend of a friends blog. She blogged about how she found this REALLY funny page, Seriously So Blessed. After I saw the blog for myself I was laughing to hard inside that I had to share it with you guys.
With the whole phenomenon of mormon mommy blogs out there, this blog pokes fun with extreme wittiness at the typical "mormon style" of blogging. So while this individual is entirely made up, its freakin hilarious how dead on she is! I am So LoViNG ThIs SiTe!!!

Here is a small excerpt from her page:

What IS this??

Hi gUyS! NeW tO mY blOgGy? ThIs stUfF mIgHt hElP. Seriously, LOVE YOU!

Hi everybody!!! My name is Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole and I am married to Jordan/Jason/Wes/Taylor, and we have non-stop fun all the time and are LOVING married life! We are super busy but we still love to make time for fun stuff and we just love being married and living our awesome lives. I LOVE crafts (especially Stampin' Up! and homemade jewelry) and he loves sports. I went to hair school/teach 2nd grade and now we are going to law/dental/business/medical school! So hard! But being in law/dental/business/medical school is really fun for me because there are tons of wive's clubs like bridge club, book club, walking club. Pretty awesome! We're also having TWINS soon and they are the hottest feti EVER! Love you guys!! If you have anything you want me to blog about, puh-LEASE let me know at seriouslysoblessed at
My freinds n fam:
I = the MiaMaid advisor in my ward which is seriously so awesome, so go read about my way uplifting experiences w/ them here, here and here. Used to work my fingers to the bone tons but quit my job to be a SAHP (stay at home preggo). I'm the first lady of JJWT's law/biz/med/dental school bc I'm pres of the wives club and we do TONS OF FUN STUFF! Being preggers rocks and NO ONE can believe my oven has two buns in it bc I look so H-of hot! Also, I am way deep and often give my smarty pants opinion on things like the economies and politics.

My life is such a kick-A fairy tale I even have t-shirts! Got any Qs about my life or helpful explanations that belong on this page? lemme know at seriouslysoblessed at yahoo dot com. Love you times infinity!

Seriously you!!


  1. Oh my Gosh Allison!!!!!!!!! I spent the last hour cracking up reading this TAMN girl's blog...she is unreal...funny...hilarious...I totally wanna meet her...I think she might be living here in UTah...maybe Provo. I am going to contact her and give her a present for her babies. Thanks for rock!

  2. that is hilarious. What is up with mormons moms always trying to keep upbeat about everything. It's such a show....And I mean such a show. Comeback down to reality everyone.

  3. I found Seriously SO Blessed a couple of months ago and can never make up my mind if I love it or if I should feel guilty reading it!!