Sunday, December 7, 2008

There's a NEW Holmes in town...


Bella thoughts "Who is this dog and when is she leaving??"

This dog has NO clue what she's in for...

First sniff hello

Say hello to the cutest puppy in town! After many nights of contemplating on a name for this newcomer - and after taking into thought each name you so willingly provided for me (btw thanks for the ideas!!) we decided to call her Annie. It just fits perfectly and after I said it out loud a couple times, the name stuck. She is so unbelievably stinkn cute. We weren't supposed to get her until after Wednesday but the breeders decided that she was ready to go yesterday so I surprised Bryce when I got back. It took Bella all the way until tonight (Sunday) to warm up to her but now they play like old friends. I just love my dogs!!!
She is already on her way to becoming a great dog, she piddled on the floor once (my fault) and has since gone out to the bathroom ever since. She is always right at my heels and wants to play with not only Bella but Melia too. I am somewhat overprotective of her until she has gotton all her shots since our last dog we lost to parvo 8 months ago. So she stays in the house and goes potty out in the front until shes about 12 weeks (a month from now) and then she can go in the backyard. I just can't seem to let her out of my sight thing about lab puppies is they can be chewers which she has shown she is!! So a couple of Melia's stuffed toys will most likely be sacrificed, as with whatever we leave lying on the ground but please Annie stay away from the couch and the rugs...and the shoes.

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