Friday, November 7, 2008

Last couple of days

So after ranting and raving like a crazy woman I have decided to step back, take a quick breather, and get back to my life. Here are some random pictures I took this week of Melia.

Long before Melia was ever thought of I always imagined myself having a baby girl and being able to play with her hair. Cute ponytails, pigtails, braids, etc. I wanted to do it all! So after receiving an otherwise healthy and perfect baby girl I looked at her and said...where is her hair?? Why is my baby bald?! So this baby girl grew and grew as did her hair. Except it didn't get longer and longer, the curls got tighter and tighter!! I mean who the heck in our family has curly hair?? The mailman??...hey I'm just sayin I cant figure it out either! So yesterday, the day finally came when I attempted to put pigtails...((more like pig wispies)) in her hair. I am not saying they are the most lovely to look at but they served their purpose for a whole 5 minutes before she tore them out completely, but what did I expect!? I have waited years for these pictures...I think they are adorable.

Here is Melia hangin out with an old friend

On a friends blog a while back she had posted pictures of her and her daughter making cookies together. I had commented that I couldn't wait for Melia to get older so I could do that too. And I got to thinking... she is old enough...sort of. It may be messy and chaotic, but tons of fun. She loved stirring the mix. I think her favorite part was watching the yolk fall from the shell when I cracked the eggs. You should of seen her face! I laughed so hard you would have thought I had just performed the best magic trick! She turned out to be the best little helper!


  1. I think she can't be any're awesome Allison!

  2. Your daughter is SO PRETTY! Isn't this such a fun age?! I love it when Ryanne wants to help me around the house!

  3. making cookies is totally fun..I'm glad you had a good time..Melia is such a cutie

  4. She is just soo cute! I just love the piggys!!

  5. How precious! I love making cookies with Vance and can't wait to make them with Jane. Yay for precious memories!!