Friday, November 7, 2008

Just when you thought it was over...

*just push play again when the video stops halfway...

Today at the LA temple there were thousands of protesters in the street surrounding the temple, calling us a hateful mormon cult, chanting "shame on you" and "stop the hate" and were "demonstrating" ...I'm not too sure what they were trying to demonstrate - selfishness - immaturity - lack of respect of people's constitutional rights...hmmm, what do you think??
Signs of the times, we are definitely living it. These people do not try to understand our moral beliefs, our family values and our religious goals. And I know, it is HARD to combine the plan of salvation and proclamation to the families all in a single short conversation, especially to someone who isn't listening anyways. They tell us to be open minded and to love everyone, which we who is showing the hate now??
What makes us a better person anyways... standing up and being strong in the face of adversity and holding on to our beliefs - or becoming hypocrites and throwing it all away by the wayside??

Oh well society says it's it must be.

So shame on you for showing our father in heaven that we will truly stand for him at all times and in all places..
Shame on you for trying to get your family to the celestial kingdom...
And shame on you for not giving in to society...
Please now...let it be over so we can all have some peace.

/rant off/


  1. Amen sister! Seeing all this stuff on TV really reminds me of the people who had to fight for there freedom, liberty and family! I have a feeling this is only the beginning and we are going to be called on to stand up for much much more! I was proud to make phone calls, put up signs, stand on street corners w/ my children. We might not always be shown in the best light but life isn't always easy but it will be worth it!

  2. I guess since I live in Utah I wasn't aware of the protesting. I think it is funny that they say that the LDS church provided 70% of the funding to pass prop 8. True or not how would they know.
    I guess we all know these things are going to happen and so much more. Things are still have to get a lot worse. How sad is it to be so confused. We know who we are. We know what we stand for. We know why we are here and the purpose to life. We have clarity. But those who have lost there way or have never found it are so lost and angry. They find someone else to blame for what is going on. They can't see a bigger picture. Like I said before, I kind of feel bad for them. A part of them don't know any better. Their hearts are so hard and they are a "stiff necked" people. Guess this is a good time to think about what we can do. Live our life according to the gospel and help others see that truth. It's just so dis-heartening.