Thursday, October 16, 2008

7 things...

OK so I was tagged twice in a row... so here it goes. These are just 7 random facts about me but I am not going to tag 7 people because I just tagged 8 people below and honestly I really don't have that many friends!!! lol

1. I bought Celine Dion tickets the minute they came out last November...only to wait a year and see her next month! Its going to be so fun I just love her. Which is kinda weird because she is not in my typical music genre.

2. I am hopelessly internet addicted. I can't explain why but after 4 1/2 years of not having it in our house I believe I'm allowed! Blogging, Myspace, Facebook...looking up recipes...etc. I could be on here until I go blind.

3. I can read recipe books like regular books and love to try new things constantly (we hardly eat the same thing twice even if its good bc there are always new recipes i am finding)

4. I wake up at 4:40 am to go to the gym while Bryce and Melia are sleeping just to get some ME time.

5. I am a licensed cosmetologist, skincare specialist and certified makeup artist which I have held positions in before Melia. I also chose to get married instead of moving out to LA to study makeup as a profession. My parents gave me an ultimatum to either pay for school or pay for a wedding.

6. I love to say totally...I don't know why either but it puts alot of emphasis on whats being said. Not in a blond dumb head sort of way.

7. I HATE to clean. I am just about to get a job just so we can afford a maid. OK not actually but I swear I will get one sometime in this life. Good thing my husband is some what of a neat freak and doesn't mind cleaning up.

8. Oh heck I know that there is supposed to be 7 - but one more random fact is that tomorrow (17th) is my 24th birthday! Woooo! I still get really excited for my birthdays even though I'm probably staying home by myself!!lol


  1. Hey Allison..hope you aren't mad at me for what I said to you on Sun. Sometimes I am way too forward..and if you don't know me that well you might have taken offense to it. Mallory loves you and plays you (being the teacher) all week long.

  2. Sorry, this has nothing to do with your post but, HEY GUYS! I haven't seen you guys in forever! We need to meet up again when we come into town!! We are gong to Cali for Thanksgiving!! Allison, if you don't remember me, I am Bryces friend from ol' high school days and we met for dinner once!! Call all the old gang together for Thanksgiving weekend! I would LOVE to see everyone! We are found at You can email me at I still have ur #, I'll call you when it gets closer! PS. Your baby is beutiful!

  3. I wrote my email wrong, sorry.