Friday, December 2, 2011


Two little girls
so alike
yet so different.
Each unique in her own special way. 

I had a deja vu  moment in the kitchen yesterday when Alana started climbing in the tupperware drawer.

This is Melia when she was 14 months old... so back in March 2008
And here is Alana doing the exact same thing at the exact same age in the exact same shirt.
So you bet I ran for my camera. Which is never too far from my side :)
Here is to broken drawers!

I feel incredibly blessed to call these beautiful girls mine.

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  1. It was so nice to "hear from you". It was truly a blessed labor and this new baby is so good and calm and peaceful. This last post of yours is so special.
    You are blessed, Allison. Those two are beautiful, bright, happy, lovely girls. And I miss having little girls...I can't believe my youngest girl will be turning 6 next year. I hope time goes slower for you! But I know every stage is so is just the greatest gift of all!

    I send you my love from Indiana :)