Saturday, August 13, 2011

Queen for a Day

Last weekend we entered Melia in the Tiny Miss Norco Pageant. My little brother's girlfriend, Kelly is Norco pageant royalty so she really wanted to be able to take Melia up on the stage with her :) It was really alot of fun and I can tell Melia REALLY enjoyed herself being on stage... just watch the video the girl is totally in her element up there. I completely admire her for that I can't stand being up in front of people!

Blowing a kiss for the crowd with Kelly

This is when she gets her crown, fast forward to about 0:40
And yes that is me screaming like a crazy person.

Posing with her crown

Alana and my mom... ignore the fact that my camera chose to focus on the truck behind them!

A cute sign Kelly made for her

Melia and her uncle Austin


She also won "Best Personality"

Beautiful smile :)

More kisses for the crowd

 I love the fact that "Dancing Queen" was the song playing! Such a ham she is!

Celebrating her win with a pony ride
Alana was crazy about the animals in the petting zoo :)
So now do I want to go all Tiaras and Toddlers? haha probably not but it was so much fun to see her having a good time up there. Plus it was extra fun that she won!


  1. aah, too cute! SHe is such a beautiful little girl. I love her hair straight!

  2. How exciting. She sure looks cute blowing kisses and I love her pink cowboy boots!

  3. She is such a star! What a fun day!