Thursday, March 17, 2011

My girls

 I can't believe our Little Ms Alana is almost 6 months old. She is a gorgeous bundle of happiness, magic, joy, wonderment and love. She is a curious, observant and determined little girl full of smiles and laughs. She always has been a good sleeper and her schedule is very predictable. She is now eating rice cereal and has tried a couple fruit and veggie purees. I think peas are her favorite so far, don't you agree?
And then there is Little Ms Melia. My energetic, imaginative and thoughtful Melia, who has shot up like a weed this last year. She is now wearing her glasses 24/7. I think they make her look much older than she is. I had straightened her hair for a princess tea that she went to. Her hair goes halfway down her back and it was weird to see this straight haired child running through the house :)

 Time please slow down... my babies are growing up much too quickly!


  1. Oh yeah...peas are definitely Alana's favorites! LOL Poor little one...she is SOOOOO cute! And i like the new version of Melia...she does look older, you are right...and the straight hair makes her look a totally different person! I might have not recognized her!
    I am glad to see you guys are doing well and having fun.
    I just started a new experiemental public blog, it is still me though, even though it appears from a transplanted italian :)

  2. Your girls are too beautiful! Melia looks sooooo different with straight hair and glasses - seriously older too. I just bought that blue shirt for Zoe in white - I couldn't resist those flowers :)

  3. Look at those eyes on Alana! So pretty!