Friday, December 17, 2010

Melia's birthday and a Blessing day photo shoot

Sorry for all the wordless posts, I don't have the patience to type with one hand while holding the baby so I choose to not. Hopefully I can cram this out before she wakes up!

This week my little girl turned 4! Can you believe it? Me neither!  We blessed Alana on Sunday and had a little party for Melia afterwards. My mother in law took most of the pics of the party but I did manage to snap some of the pinata. And of course it was a princess themed party, and of course she wore pink.

We had wonderful plans to take her Disneyland on Tuesday so she could spend her birthday at her most favorite place, but she was up all Monday night coughing and sneezing and woke up SICK on her birthday :( Poor thing! So we had to cancel our Disneyland plans (with a huge promise we go back as soon as we aren't blacked out) We made her her favorite chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, she was feeling a bit better in the afternoon so we took her to eat at Red Robin and then went to go see the movie Tangled (btw is the cuuuutest movie ever)

I think she had a pretty good day. We are all sick with the stinkin cold now though. I guess a family who lives together gets sick together. Poor Alana is a snorty little piggy and is not a fan of the booger sucker.
Speaking of the cute little bug, here she is at 10 weeks.
On Sunday we had such great love and support show by our family and friends that came out to Alana's blessing. She was such a good girl and she got to wear MY old blessing dress that my grandma had made for me... which looked pretty dang good for being 26 years old! It's not the one in the pics below, my uncle has all the pics of that day. These pics I just took this week and she is wearing Melia's blessing dress.


Melia made sure that Alana was looking her best at all times


  1. Seriously, they are both so cute! I can't believe Melia is 4!

  2. That looked like so much fun! I loved Melia's video. I hope you guys are feeling better soon. I feel like Tanner is coming down with it too. But I have pumping the room with the humidifier thing and giving him allergy medicine and see if that keeps it away. Poor Alana! I would hate the bugger sucker too.

  3. Oh my did I miss this post? Alana is the cutest baby EVER!!!!!!