Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Last week...

Last week Bryce was gone at a gang convention all week in Anahiem.
I went absolutely nuts!
Don't ask me why, I think it's all the pregnancy hormones that made me a complete hot mess. So when I say we went out to make sure Melia didn't get bored what I mean is I had to get out of the house so I didn't turn into this emotional clingy psychopath. Ha!

He got a heck of a lot of training in that area which is great for him. He now is a court recognized gang expert which means the judge will allow him to testify against those creepers to get them off the streets. Yay :) Its unreal what this guy has accomplished these last couple years. Since he was hired on he has become a Training Officer, a County Underwater Search and Recovery member, a Gang Task Force member and now a court recognized gang expert! He is also going to school for his BA right now (which speaking of we pulled out our first school loan... ugh I knew it would come one day!). Its like everything he sets out to do he gets it done. I feel so blessed to be married such a determined and smart hardworker.

Sooooo during the week I took Melia to a music class at the library, we hung out at the beach and went to a water park (which i forgot to bring my camera to dangit!) Doesn't sound like a whole lot but in between me actually having a car to drive last week it seemed like we were gone a lot. We had some icky car drama, one car needed all new tires and the other car needed its windshield replaced... an then taken back because it wasn't sealed properly ahhhh it was nuts. So glad its over now, I just hate how expensive car repair can be!

Melia is such a goober in this video!

Boom sticks Melia... not telescopes (what she called them)

Much better!

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  1. I am so proud of Bryce!!! Please, let him know! He's awesome!
    And I feel it for you girl, I am glad that week is over...I am just like you when Dan is not around :( especially when I am pregnant!
    I love all the pictures and the video of Melia...she has great moves! :)