Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last of our vacation pics

I feel like our vacation is 100% completely over now. Of course it was over the day the plane landed back in LA, but it's the sentimental things that keep it going for me. You know, it's the little reminders you get, like all the sand that pours out of your luggage as you unpack, the excitement of showing everyone the pictures you had developed, and the way you close your eyes and breathe in the scent of all the sample body washes and shampoos you use from the hotel that you stashed in your makeup bag... daily. (Come on it was Bath and Body Works! And if they didn't want me to take them they wouldn't have kept replenishing them :D )

But alas, the mosquito bites are merely scars, my whole body has finished shedding (g'bye Caribbean tan!) the luggage has been cleaned, the pictures have all been enjoyed and seen, and the body washes and shampoo's last drops were used this morning. Boo.

So I am relishing in posting these last pictures to my blog, enjoy them for me will ya? ;)

There was a big theme on the island... Pirates!

We visited a real pirate cave that real pirates used to use back in the day that kept them safe during hurricanes. It was about a mile long and connected to the beach. It was too cool!

Cute little parrots

Ew for two reasons: Firstly my "do not poo on my head" look is disgusting and secondly you can see all my icky sweatiness :P haha yucky!

A pirates life for me!

You might have to click on this pic to enlarge it to see a little friend "hanging" around.
And no I did not hang around much longer after that to see if he had more friends!

And while my in laws wanted to further explore the bat caves with other creepy crawlys... hahaha yeah no thanks!

... we went out to the beach to hang out in the breeze. Cave = no breeze and nasty drippy sweat over every single inch of your body. Just so ya know.

And the last pirate pic is with my good ole buddy...uhhh... Pirate Richard.

HAHA! Moving on!

One of my top things to do was (and still is) to swim with dolphins, but I knew being pregnant that it wasn't going to be able to happen so this is about as close as it was gonna get! No complaints though he was an excellent kisser :) Actually it felt like a couple good socks in the face.

And I can never forget all the good eats we had along the way. I wish I would have snapped a pic of everything I ate! It was just amazing :)
Normal burger? No
Jerk Chicken burger? Yesssss

And this... ahhhh this was just a masterpiece :) Would have to go back just to have this again!

Me and my luuuva... it was a rediculously nice get away for sure...

absolutely no complaints!
But to see this sweet little face the morning she woke up made my heart the happiest ever :)


  1. that is so cool that you got kissed by a dolphin. I am glad you had a great time. And yes, Melia is such a cutie. :)

  2. WoW is all I've gotta say. Some of those pics. are amazing...the clearness of the water the white sand. I jealous. I could do w/o the humidity..don't like that..but wow that looked like tons of fun. Don't you just love getting away..?

  3. That place is awesome! I totally want to go!
    And the pirate guy made me laugh so hard! What a great name! hahaha!