Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Utah Fun...

While on vacation we got to spend alot of time outside in the CHILLY weather. I wasn't used to it only reaching 40 degrees all day long I would have frozen my tush off! My light sweaters and jeans just weren't going to cut it up there, thanks to grandparents who are stocked up with big jackets and gloves and warm clothes!

The girls getting bloooown away in a snow storm. I just love Melia's face in this pic.

Tasting the snow

Just having some silly fun

Melia had her first ride on the quad with her daddy. In the video you can hear her laughing so hard! She had so much fun on it, last year she wouldn't even hardly go near those things.
Love this!

Thumbs up!

Having fun with her auntie

We also visited the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. It was covered in snow and ch-ch-cha-chilly... I am surprised I had my jacket off and if you zoom in close you can probably see giant goosebumps on my arms.

Beautiful clear day!

My little sister and her fiance

Still not sure why all the kids get a kick of touching these things... but I could hardly tear Melia away from it!

This little monkey reminded me of the one off of Night of the Museum

Like last year, Melia still wasn't a fan of this elephant... it does make some awful dying elephant sounds! So I don't blame her! :)
Melia's most favorites were the monkeys, the baby elephant,

and the giraffes.

This years gorilla pic...
Last years gorilla pic...
We are no longer afraid of the monkey! hehe

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  1. That was an awesome post! You guys were driving what Steven is designing, you guys are officially cool. :)
    And that picture of the statue money, Malia is not afraid of it she is covering her innocent eyes from the big boobies!!! LOLOL