Monday, January 25, 2010

Part Dos

Since Sunday was so crowded at Oak Glen, we decided to go back the next day to go sledding. It was clear, no crowds whatsoever! We even had the entire sledding hill to ourselves :) Melia is such a dare devil and wanted to go by herself right away. We built a snowman and then had breakfast up at Apple Annie's, our favorite little restaurant up there. It was a great morning!


Making the snowman

I know lets make a little chinese man

This girl meant business when she was throwing snowballs

Getting ready for another run with dad

She could never make it back up the hill all the way, she'd get about half way and fall all the way back down again
I love that you can hear her giggling all the way down

Then flying off with mom...

and of course, all my herself :)

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  1. I was reading all of your snow entries. Our lives must co-inside with each other. Mallory and Melia on the day we had snow look just their mommys hurried up and got them dressed to go play in the snow.:) And, the dog pictures...I have some of those too :) They loved it just as much..why pass on that opportunity for some great poochy pictures. The only thing different that u have goin is that u have already posted the pictures.