Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Every year Knott's has a promotion where law enforcement, firefighters and military get in for free (score!) So since it's too ghetto to pay full price to get in (are we in south central?) we take advantage and go once a year. Unfortunatly we chose the day where it was the last day of the promotion and the last day of thier toys for tots drive where people could get in for a whole 15 buckaroo's. So just imagine the crowd...bah it was soooo bad! Im not much of a complainer but man! It was amazingly overcrowded. So we went on a couple rides but mostly you just go to eat right? I swear thats all we did. Kettle corn and funnel cakes and Jhonny Rockets, they made it all better :) We took a fun western picture that I am too lazy to scan in my computer right now too. It was fun for Melia, the girl's a mad thrill seeker thats for sure!

Just pretend those stains are photoshopped out, I swear it didn't smell though.
You gotta draw the line somewhere, right? :)

I thought Melia would freak on this coaster but she laughed hysterically the whole time!

I was the only one that could take her on the spinny rides, what a bunch of twenty-something wusses... can't even stomach a couple spins anymore, geez guys! he he

Waiting for our food at Jhonny Rockets...meh easy, only 2 hours! We had to keep this girl entertained... not so easy :)

Santa was there hooray! Melia LOVED every time we saw him, I think 4 times before Christmas.

Auntie was OK with taking Melia on the ferris wheel... Auntie was not OK with Melia trying to rock the car and taking off her seatbelt at the top while waiting to come down... :D

Fun Day!


  1. Not fun that it was so crowded, but fun you got in for free!! Glad you got to go.

  2. Hi from over the pond what lovely photos.
    Happy New Year

  3. We went too when they had the veterans thing going on! The promotion you got in with is after the one we used or I would have invited you to come with us. Our started Nov 1 thru Thanksgiving.