Monday, October 5, 2009

More Disney Fun

If you haven't gone to Disneyland during their Halloween time you need to go before it's over! It was amazing, especially the Haunted Mansion. Wow! That's all I could say while we were riding it. As always we had a blast, it was a long day and the weather was great. OK friends so let's go before the month is over!

On Pirate's

Bryce and Andrew
Haunted Mansion was uh-mazing!

Bryce, Melia and her glowing afro at the top of Tarzan's tree house
Align Center

In Calif. Adventure

Melia's favorite parade is the Pixar one, she saw Crush the turtle and said Heyyy Duuude! Funny girl!

On the carousel, the first time Melia has ridden by herself!

I'll race you down the street! Loser has to drive home!

The best end to a looong Disney day


  1. Seriously Melia is so cute!!

    We totally need to go SOON!!

  2. GIRL! Don't you think you are having waaaay too much fun???? I totally want to be in Cali right is a beautiful day but every other day I freeze here in Utah and it feels winter is already here! NOT FAIR!
    Happy for you BUT wish I could go to Disneyland with you and our families though...
    hugs from us

  3. Allison I love all your cute posts. I am def. going to go to D. I want to see all the halloween stuff there. It's cute to see Melia all dressed up in her dance clothes. I bet she had so much fun