Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tiny Little Dancer

Look who's dancing now!

Such a cute little dancer!

Trying to figure out her tap shoes... and oh look, a run in her new tights already!

Once she figured out they made noise there was no taking them off.

Melia starts her class on Thursday, I'm not sure who is more excited, her or me! Oh and you know there will be pictures!


  1. It's about time you get that girl in dance! From the moves I've seen her bust in the videos on your blog she should be pro in no time. :)

  2. Can't wait for more pictures! Allison, your posts brighten my ya!

  3. How cute! I can't wait to get Ryanne started in some fun stuff! But everything I find she can't start til she's 3 or 4...but hey that's just a few months away!

  4. So fun! I can't wait for this stage...She looks so cute in her little get-up.