Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lets try this again!

I loaded these pics with a different program and some of my peeps said they couldn't see them so I hope this works! Also french braid + hot sun = red peely scalp...all over OUCH!

Me being a total baby hog

Melia working on her tan

Beach bums

Align Center

Melia and her auntie

This is what happens to the first person who falls asleep on the beach... shell art! haha he has one in his belly button too but you can't really see it :)

Gangsta life

Me and my girl

The dudes

Bryce and his sister made this sand art for Melia

I really don't feel like putting all these pics in order, and well, they are backwards. Oh well! It was another fun day at the beach (wooo that is 6 times this month!) We met up with our good friends Steve and Miranda and thier new little baby Tanner. Oh yes you bet I was a baby hog for the day, he is such a sweet little guy! We went out for mexican food after and had a lot of fun hanging out again. We used to be in the same apt. complex out in Grand Terrace so we have a lot of good memories together. We love you guys! Happy 5th Anniversary :)This is what happens to the first person to fall asleep on the beach... shell art... haha there is one in his belly button but you can't see it!


  1. I just discovered your blog Allison and I absolutely love it! Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun at the beach this summer. I love Melia's sea shell inscription in the sand - so cute!

  2. DANG! I can't see ANY of the pictures! SUCKY!

  3. I understand about the peel! I look like I have leprosy!!! Our faces are even peeling, and Steven said to me the other day, "Hey, how come you did not tell me I looked like Scare Face?" Pretty funny!