Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Disneyland

More Disneyland pics from last week... Sorry if you are sick of seeing Disneyland pictures from me, you think that we would be burnt out, but we just love going so much and there is always new things for us to try and see when we go.

We went with our friends Daniel and Sandra and there little guy Robert. Melia just loves him to death!

Aww my poor gimp of a husband! haha! Actually the doctors are not to sure whats wrong with it - he goes in for an MRI on it soon

We saw thePlayhouse Disney show for the first time. I swear Melia just about peed herself when all her fav characters showed up. It was a really cute show.

Melia LOVES Cars, she cried after I took this picture because she didn't want to leave them. It was so funny too because the cast member there was a midget and Melia was so scared of him! It made me laugh so hard!

Waiting for the Celebration parade to start. It was a really cute parade with lots of characters singing and dancing


  1. SO fun!! I sure do love Disneyland too :) I really want to do the playhouse Disney show. I have heard fun things about it!!

  2. So what is up with his foot? Was is just a random thing? Maybe when we have Tanner I will feel more eager to go to D-land. I just think of all the walking and get pooped out.

  3. How fun for Melia. I can't wait to get our passes. 2 more weeks!!! I had fun with Melia on Friday night, and you of course. She is such a cute little girl.

  4. Those pictures are too cute! I never tire of Disneyland either. It's even funner with kids, huh? Okay, so I promise to call you next time I make a cake. I don't have any coming up until June but we can always do one just for fun.

  5. How could anyone get tired of going to Disneyland??? It's "the happiest place on earth"! It's funny that Melia likes the Cars movie because so does Brenna! Her absolute favorite song in the world is "Life is a Highway"! We dance around the house to it all the time!