Monday, April 20, 2009

Wedding Shenanigans

On Saturday we were off for the day to attend Bryce's cousin's wedding. It was HOT HOT HOT and I'm not just talkin about the newly wedds. It was like 90 degrees the whole day, probably the hottest day of the year so far!

Melia was a flower girl, the cutest flower girl too. She had so much fun being in her "nina dress" all day long. (She LOVES the show Angelina Ballerina and so any dress is considered a nina dress) She had been asking me all week if she could wear it, so when we finally put it on she was completely out her mind! I don't think she stopped twirling all day long. It was too cute.

The only hard thing was she had to wear a flower halo thingy and some white you know how hard it is to put gloves on a two year old? Like 15 times? Ugh...oh well I think they got their shots of her in the full get up so that's what counts.

So cute in her dress

Dancing with Grandma

The candy bar

The cake
Not only was it too cute, it was the best cake I've ever eaten in my life!


We didn't get home that night until about 10 pm, Melia was so burnt out! She woke up early yesterday (Sunday) and I thought oh crap today is going to be a bad grumpy day...but she was actually really good and ended up falling asleep in my arms in sacrament meeting. Which was so weird! I'm like how do I even hold you? She hasn't fallen asleep in my arms since she was a tiny 1 year old so I didn't even know how to hold that big ole 2 yr old body haha. It was sweet though and I'm glad I can get those moments every once and a while.


  1. she looked so cute! does she get those moves from you???

  2. She looks so cute in her dress! The "candy bar" idea is so cute! We did a "dessert bar" for ours. And that cake is awesome! I dunno tho, our wedding cake was freakin delicious!

  3. She's is soo adorable and quite the entertainer. I have one thing forgot about my wedding cake! Hello, that was the best cake you ever tasted! hmph!!

  4. She is the cutest stinkin thing ever!!!

    I feel for you in Sacrament meeting too. Vance fell asleep in my arms on Sunday and he's SIX!!! It was very sweet though.

  5. Oh my gosh! Can I please rent your daughter and have her just walk around in my garden in her adorable dress? So, so cute!!!

  6. What a beautiful wedding. I love the cake. Melia is so cute dancing; I love how she twirls